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Medical Compression Stockings

medical compression stockings
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Medical Compression Stockings

Talk to your doctor about what kind of compression is right for you. We are certified fitters, we will help you to choose the right style of compression stockings and we will measure you to assure the right comfort.

The medical compression stockings comes in different compression levels: 15–20, 20–30, 30–40, 40–50, 50–60mmHg. 

This are some of the conditions that you may need to wear medical compression stockings:

  • Tired, aching legs

  • Edema

  • Chronic venous insufficiency

  • Varicose veins

  • Spider veins (mild varicosities)

  • Tyred or swollen ankles

SIGVARIS , BAUERFEIND, MEDI  are our Top Brands for Medical Compression Stockings. We have available any products available on their catalogs.

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