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Custom Made Orthotics


At Good Life Medical Health Centre we make custom made foot orthotics for children and adults of all ages

“The use of Foot Orthotics will help you to relief and decrease the pain so you can enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle”.

If you have some of the medical conditions below you may need Custom Made Orthotics:

  • Flat feet, heel pain

  • Plantar fasciitis

  • Bunions, Shin splints

  • Arthritis

  • Persistent corns/callouses

  • Diabetics

  • Knee pain, Lower back pain

  • High arched feet

  • Excessive Pronation and Supination

  • For this or any other conditions visit your family doctor to get the right diagnose.

Bring your medical prescription  and our foot specialist will take a plaster cast of your feet in a neutral position. Then the cast is sent for fabrication in the laboratory.

Our professionals will also provide you with all the necessary maintenance and wearing instructions and we will also monitor your progress.

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